15 Photos to Inspire Your Trip to Iceland

Harbor in Reykjavik



Ice at Diamond Beach

Glacier Hiking

Sunset over the mountains in Vik

Icelandic Horse


Moss Covered Lava Rocks

The Blue Lagoon

Graffiti Art in Downtown Reykjavik



Shoreline at the Black Sand Beach

Cave at the Black Sand Beach


As it was my first solo trip, Iceland will definitely always hold a special place in my heart!


Iceland is a wonderful that demands to be explored outdoors. To start the trip, I stayed in Downtown Reykjavik for my first 2 nights and then began traveling through the countryside. I drove through the Golden Circle, visited the black sand beaches in Vik, and even went glacier hiking!

Iceland is approximately the size of the state of Indiana and its population is approximately 330,000. I felt a small town vibe everywhere I went and the locals were extremely welcoming! Never once did I feel unsafe and often walked through downtown alone.

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