Perfect Gifts for Plant Lovers

Hey Everyone! I know there are a lot of new plant parents out there after all of the Covid-19 craziness that happened this year. Whether your'e shopping for yourself or a friend, here are some of my favorite items on Amazon right now that every plant lover is guaranteed to love!

Note: This page contains affiliate links, so if you book or buy something through one of these links, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). 🙂



Every crazy plant lady needs a Plant Lady mug for those mornings spent drinking coffee and admiring your indoor jungle!

What's cuter than little succulent shaped tea candles?!

Corgi planters. Enough said.

Wear your love of plants on your sleeve...or chest with this Monstera Mama t-shirt.

An embroidered Plant Daddy hat for all you Plant Daddies and Zaddies.

Propagation Station, but make it super cute!

A gardening journal to help you keep track of each and every one of your plants.

Embroidery hanging of a colorful plant gang.

Hopefully your dryer won't eat one of these adorable plant socks. (Maybe buy two pair just in case)

Give those thirsty heauxs the humidity they want with one of these colored glass misting bottles. Plus they come in a bunch of pretty colors!

Never over or under water your precious plant children again with this handy Moisture Meter. This thing is seriously a life-saver and I wish I had gotten one earlier!

A book about house plants is the perfect addition to your coffee table.

An adorable hanging sloth planter the perfect size for air plants 🙂

Make sure you never forget your plant's name with these bamboo pot sticks.

Baby Groot planter! Baby Groot planter! I am Groot.

All my best friends are plants, and I'm okay with it...

Are you even a real plant lover if you dont have macrame hangers somewhere in your home?!

If you love plants, but cant keep them alive it might be better to stick to just decorating with wall hangings.

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